Cambridge Lindy Exchange 2017

About CLX

What is a Lindy Exchange?

A Lindy Exchange is a gathering organised by a Lindy Hop scene in one city for a few days in order to invite people from other places to experience the city's swing venues and bands, and generally to provide a way for visitors and locals to dance together.

In Cambridge our exchange is small and friendly; we hope that by the end not only will you be danced out and eaten a huge pile of cake but also have made a whole bunch of new friends.

Who can be involved?

Anyone who wants! The exchange is for all Lindy Hoppers, wherever you're from, however long you've been dancing for. We are especially interested in hearing from local dancers who can offer a bit of spare room to host visitors for a few nights.

What's the theme?

"When I grow up..."

Think childhood ambitions, potential careers (or career changes!), something you've always wanted to do, or another interpretation! And remember, we're never really grown up : )

What about registrations?

Registrations are opening at 7.30pm on the 3rd July. We have tried our very best to make the event as cheap as we possibly can; CLX is not run for profit. Unfortunately we are unable to offer passes for individual nights this year. Since this is an event sponsored by the Cambridge Lindy Hoppers society, members receive a discount when registering for a full pass.


One of the joys of the exchange is meeting new people so we organise hosting so those from out of the city can stay with local dancers.  If you've a spare bed, sofa or bit of floor space please let us know and make a dancers day by letting them stay with you.  We can't guarantee to find  a place for everyone but we try our best!


CLX would not happen without our wonderful volunteers and we are eternally grateful for them for helping out.  If you could lend us a little time over the weekend please tell us on the booking form or if you've already registered email us.  Unfortunately we cannot give free passes in exchange for doing lots of volunteering; this allows us to keep the costs down for everyone and we would rather lots of people gave an hour or two rather than have guests working all the time rather than having fun dancing!

Where is everything happening?

Here's our handy map to give you an idea of where everything is happening!


St Andrew's Street Baptist Church, 43 St Andrew's St, Cambridge CB2 3AR
Centre at St Paul's, Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 1JP
Chesterton Community College, Gilbert Rd, Cambridge CB4 3NY
The Old Spring, 1 Ferry Path, Cambridge CB4 1HB


If you need to drive into Cambridge see the above map for the nearest car parks or read what the city council has to say about parking.  On street parking is available payable by meters or is free in the evenings, although you are urged to check the signs nearest to the parking space as times can change even one side of the road to the other.  There is also Park and Ride service suitable for the daytime activities.  Parking is available on site at Chesterton Community College, limited parking is available at The Old Spring.


Presenting the CLX2017 band line up!

To see who's playing when, have a look at the schedule

Last Chance Ragtime Band

You love dancing to them so we love booking them!  If you've not danced to the Last lastchanceChance Ragtime Band you're in for a treat, if you haven't yet you'll discover what all the fuss is about! The Last Chance Ragtime Band is a group dedicated to putting jazz on the dance floor. Taking their inspiration from the New Orleans Jazz Bands of Frenchman Street, LCRB plays music especially crafted for swing dancers from greats such as Jelly Roll Morton, Ella, Benny Goodman, Louis Prima, Louis Armstrong and Hoagy Carmichael. www.facebook.com/jazzrag/

Blue Harlem

Blue Harlem have been widely regarded as one of the top swing/jump-blues bands on the London scene for over 15 years. They have become regular favourites at venues such as the world famous Ronnie Scott's, The100 Club, The Hippodrome, Hideaway, Jitterbugs and many, many more.Blue Harlem They enjoy an international reputation - 2007 found them launching the 4th International Film Festival of Dubai and in 2008, they were personally invited by Baz Luhrmann to perform for the launch of his 1940's blockbuster movie ‘Australia’. They have been invited on three separate occasions to perform at Highgrove House charity balls for the Prince’s Trust. They have an enviable reputation as a party band, having played for society soirees all over the UK - including Buckingham Palace, Annabel’s, The Sands Venue and Burgh Island. They also regularly perform abroad, appearing at jazz festivals in Spain, Norway, Belgium and Germany. Blue Harlem launched the career of rising star Imelda May, and are now proud to feature as their vocalist the sensational Sophie Shaw. Blue Harlem is led by Al Nicholls on Tenor Sax and features Paul Eldridge on Piano, Sandy Burnett on Double Bass, Sam Brown on Drums, Gethin Liddington on trumpet and Horace Cardew on Baritone Sax. https://www.blueharlem.co.uk/

Pronto Swing

Airlie Scott's Pronto Swing Pronto Swing is a vocal-led jazz band with its heart in 30s - 50s swing, a contemporary twist, and half an ear to the Continent. Join Pronto for toe-tapping, swinging vocal jazz, soulful bluesy ballads, vintage dance classics and more! Engaging vocalist Airlie Scott leads her band of talented jazz musicians from the UK and Italy, combining her love of the American songbook with a dose of nostalgia, theatricality and fun. See them in action here!


tomcolborn Tom Colborn More info TBA! Dr Burns More info TBA!


Disclaimer: While we have agreements with the above bands and artists to perform at CLX sometimes things beyond our control mean that we have to find a replacement act, sometimes at very short notice. We can't give you a refund because your favourite band is no longer coming. We don't expect to change any and it hardly ever happens but thought we should let you know 🙂

Weekend Schedule

27th - 29th October

Where are all these places? Head over to the About page and see the map.  You can also download this if you need a offline copy.

 Friday Night

Venue St Andrew's Street Baptist Church
7:30pm - 1am Registration and dance with the Last Chance Rag Time band

Saturday Daytime

Venue Centre at St Paul's
Time Activity (see full details here)
 11:45 Registration and tea drinking and boardgames (Bring your favourites!)
12 noon -1:00pm Yoga with Laura (Pre-register HERE soon)
 1:15pm - 2:45pm Acrobalance with Janet and Barny
 3pm - 4.00pm Biscuit decorating with Danielle in the Lower Hall
3:00pm - 4:00pm Music Jam with Stephen P. in the Main Hall

Saturday Night

Venue St Andrew's Street Baptist Church
7:30pm - 1am Come and party with Blue Harlem

Saturday Late Night

Venue Centre at St Paul's
Midnight - late! Late night blues with live music and our fabulous DJs.  There'll also be delicious chilli!
1am Live music from Tom Colborn and Dr Burns!


Venue Chesterton Community College
 12 noon - 4pm Cake and party with Pronto Swing
Bakers please bring cakes to share!

Sunday after party

Venue The Old Spring Pub
 4pm - home time Chill out, eat, drink and dance to Django's Tiger

Daytime Activities

Aside from partying your socks off every evening on the dance floor, throughout Saturday afternoon St Paul's will be open for tea, refreshments and a number of sessions as detailed below . We'll also have music on and board games available (feel free to bring your favourites too!) so you can hang out and relax when you're not dancing.  See the map and the schedule.  All these events are free for CLX participants.

Yoga with Laura

Limber up for the weekend and revive your body & mind with Laura from www.bseyoga.com

Gentle Hatha Yoga suitable for all ages and abilities.

Learn traditional asanas (poses) to stretch & strengthen the body, a moving meditation for focus & co-ordination & a pranayama (breathing exercise) for mindfulness. Finishing with a guided relaxation to set you up for the rest of your day!

There will be limited mats available, please bring your own (or a towel) if possible.

Due to limited space you need to preregister with a partner for this class, you'll need your CLX booking ID numbers (see your registration email) and please fill out the form (live soon).

Acrobalance with Janet and Barny

Barny and Janet are acrobatic rock and roll dancers and acrobalancers - we enjoy turning people upside down / being turned upside down; lifting and throwing people / being lifted and thrown; and generally stacking people in interesting combinations.

In this taster session we'll teach you some basic two person lifts and positions, with one person being the "base" and one the "flyer" - but there's nothing to stop everyone trying both roles! We'll mainly focus on the slower-tempo balancey side of things, with controlled smooth transitions between static positions, but towards the end we may also include a couple of more dynamic moves of the kind you could slip into dance choreography. No acrobatic or gymnastic experience is required, and you don't need to come with a partner.

Due to limited space you need to preregister with a partner for this class, you'll need your CLX booking ID numbers (see your registration email) and please fill out the form (live soon).


Biscuit decorating with Danielle

Cambridge Lindy Hopper's own Mary Berry will be taking you through the art of biscuit decoration, icing and piping your way to edible marvels for you to eat or take away ... left overs we'll serve up for all at the tea dance on Sunday!


Music Jam with Stephen P.

Lead by Stephen of the Last Chance Ragtime band you're welcome to join the CLX swing music jam as a musician, singer, or dancer!  Whether you are a trained concert pianist or don't know which end of a triangle to hit you're most welcome to join.  Bring an instrument if you like, or just hands to clap, voice to sing, or feet to dance!

CLX Shirts

  Here's the fabulous CLX 2017 shirt, scroll down for the sizing chart. They are made to order so remember to get one when you register!

Men's... Women's... Sizing Chart

Premium t-shirt sizings  


27th - 29th October 2017

CLX 2017 registrations 

Please take some time to read the Booking T&Cs and the Safer Spaces Policy Tickets are £65 for individuals, £120 for couples. CLH members are entitled to a £5 discount when providing their membership number

Registration status: Currently the event is SOLD OUT - Also due to venue capacities we cannot offer any Saturday night passes this year - sorry!

If you have any booking queries, please email us (see the contact info).

Contact Details

The Cambridge Lindy Exchange is being run by Cambridge Lindy Hoppers, a not-for-profit society.  Please get in touch about CLX with the following email addresses (please remove any spaces in the addresses ... stops us getting spam!)

General enquiries: info @cambridgelindyexchange.co.uk
Booking enquiries: bookings @cambridgelindyexchange.co.uk
Hosting enquiries: hosting @cambridgelindyexchange.co.uk
Volunteering (info): volunteering @cambridgelindyexchange.co.uk


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